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Please let me introduse our company in a few words: Agroprodukt kkt. founded in 2000. The company trades hunter clothing and hunter and angler gadgets. We exclusively trade two mainstream Hungarian hunter clothing trademarks VENATOR and WANDERLICK to our customers. Due to the close relationship with the producers the innovation ideas and feedbacks developed our products to excellence. We are participating hunters and anglers as well thus we know the requirement regarding hunter clothing. We attend the materials, tailoring and the functionality of the clothing but also keep a good price / value ratio and fashion as well. We also trade good quality hunter and angler gadgets. Our products can be found in our shops as well, and due to our trade network, most hunter shops in Hungary and surrounding countries.

We participate in various hunting expos like FEHOVA, Budapest.

We hope our company helps to improve the experience of hunters, anglers and nature lovers in this great hobby.

Good catch and happy hunting!


István Szombath, CEO of Aggroprodukt KKT

Hubertus Huntershop

Address: 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Magyar utca 29.

Phone: 06 96/219-279

Huntershop Kisbér

Address: 2870 Kisbér, Kossuth utca 15.

Phone: 06 34/353-344




Phone: 20-942-5579

Fax: 34-354-404

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